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The world-famous Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the major tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro . Get all the hot tips to visit it by yourself, saving money and time!

After the Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain is at the top of the must-see tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro.

Besides, it’s part of the scenery, culture and routine of the cariocas as you can spot it while you go from a place to another, work or just do your things on a regular day.

It is very likely that if you come to Rio de Janeiro for the first time you will add a visit to Sugarloaf Mountain to your schedule.


Summit of Sugarloaf Mountain


A little bit about Sugarloaf Mountain


Located in the traditional residential neighbourhood of Urca, Sugarloaf Mountain is part of an exuberant natural setting that includes hills, a quiet beach and a stretch of Atlantic Forest.

In fact, in order to access the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, you will inevitably have to stop by a smaller peak called Morro da Urca.

Praia da Urca (as the locals call the tiny yet very charming beach in the surroundings) is also worth checking if you have spare time.

It’s a very popular spot among residents. Especially on Sundays, when people relax soaking up the sun or just enjoy water sports such as stand-up paddling or canoeing.



In addition, there is a nice complex at the top of the mountain that offers entertainment for all tastes, ranging from simple appreciation of the stunning views to concerts or other cultural events, depending on the agenda.

Thus, Sugarloaf Mountain ends up being that kind of democratic attraction that fascinates all generations and that can be visited more than once without losing its charm.


How to visit Sugarloaf Mountain?


There are many ways to visit Sugarloaf Mountain ranging from the most comfortable and effortless way to the most challenging and demanding way.

The easiest and fastest way to access the top of the mountain is definitely to embark on Bondinho do Pão de Açúcar (the cable car).

However, you can also hike or even rock climb part of the way. I will describe each of the possibilities below.


Cable cars


The cable cars leave the ground station located next to Praia Vermelha up to the first stop at Morro da Urca station.

Once you are on Morro da Urca, you can either enjoy the area or embark on the second cable car for the other part of the trip all the way to the final stop at the Sugarloaf Mountain station.

It’s important to mention that each ride lasts approximately 3 minutes and departs every twenty minutes or so.

You can buy your ticket to the cable car in the front desk at the entrance of the attraction. However, the lines tend to be long, especially during the summer months.

Alternatively, you can buy your official ticket beforehand and go straight to the boarding area.





You can hike half the way to the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain starting the trail at the base point of Morro da Urca and then go all the way up to the first base station where you can get the cable car to the top of the summit.

I have to confess that I’ve never tried this way, but many people say it’s relatively easy to be done and that you can even find families with children along the way.

Also, the trail is known to be very easy-going, and if you don’t go out of the path, you won’t need a tour guide.



Moreover, because there is a military base in this area, it’s a very safe neighbourhood and you don’t need to worry about walking by yourself.

In fact, especially during the weekends, there will be a lot of other hikers on this route. So, you won’t be alone at all!

However, if you think your experience will be more interesting and complete if you have some nice explanation about the fauna and flora along the way, you can join a guided tour offered by Civitatis and operated by a local company.



Mountain climbing


Climbing to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain is definitely the most challenging and the only way that will require expertise, physical skills and an experienced tour guide.

Though I will never be that brave, I would definitely recommend this activity in this stunning scene if that’s your thing!

There are some factors that would be sensible to consider, though, especially if you are a beginner. Sugarloaf is a pretty steep rocky mountain which takes between 90 to 120 minutes to climb (depending on your level of experience).

Moreover, the temperatures in Rio are usually high, even in the winter months. And they definitely will stack the deck against you. So, be sure you are physically prepared before going on this adventure!

There are many very reputable companies in Rio offering this kind of guided activity. However, my policy is also to suggest something I have tried myself.

So, instead, I recommend that you join a guided climbing tour offered by GetYourGuide, since it’s an international reference which operates in partnership with local companies. So, you can always rely on other travellers’ recommendations.



What to do at Sugarloaf Mountain Tourist Complex?


The great attraction of Sugarloaf Mountain is no-brainer the possibility of seeing Rio de Janeiro from viewpoints located 396 meters above sea level.

After all, it is from these observatories that you have the most breathtaking views of Guanabara Bay, the beaches of the South Zone, Santos Dumont Airport and even Christ the Redeemer.



However, you can combine your visit to Sugarloaf Mountain with some other activity.

There are some options offered at the reception of the complex and others organised by local companies.

Finally, you can also plan some activities on your own.


Themed tours


Bondinho Pão de Açúcar, the company which runs the complex, offers some experiences that go beyond simple appreciation of the views.

I only participated in one of them, the Ecological Tour, but I found the activity very educational and interesting.

This tour offers a dynamic and fun class about Ecology and environmental awareness in one of the most beautiful settings in Rio de Janeiro.

It is also a perfect way to deep dive into the attraction with more interactivity. I highly recommend this tour! And though I only wrote about that experience in Portuguese, you can check my impressions and photos in another blog post.


Helicopter scenic flight


It is possible to take a scenic flight from the Sugarloaf Mountain cable car complex. There is a helipad located a few meters from the Morro da Urca station exit.


Helipad at Sugarloaf Mountain Tourist Complex


The flights are operated by the company Helisight, a company recognised for the professionalism of its services.

I have to confess that I have never taken the flight from Morro da Urca, which must be incredible!

However, I took the scenic flight from Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon with the same company and I simply loved it!

Needless to say, seeing Rio de Janeiro from above was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life!

I even just passed by right next to Christ the Redeemer. I talk about that special day in another post of the blog.

You can book your scenic flight in advance and in English through my partner GetYourGuide if you prefer.

Then, when the time comes, your experience will be operated by the local company once you are at the Sugarloaf Complex.

I have no doubt that it will be an experience you will never forget!


How to get to Sugarloaf Mountain Tourist Complex?


Sugarloaf Mountain Tourist Complex is located at Avenida Pasteur, 520 in the Urca neighbourhood.

Bear in mind that being one of the most popular attractions in the city, parking a car in the vicinity won’t be a simple task.

Besides, the cable car complex does not offer parking for visitors. Therefore, I would definitely avoid going there by car as it’s the worst choice of all


Public transportation


There are several options to get to Sugarloaf Mountain Tourist Complex and the one you choose will depend on where you are.

Nevertheless, basically most bus lines to Urca will leave you very close to the entrance of the complex as it’s a small neighbourhood.


Subway and buses


If you opt for the subway (by the way, the easiest alternative to get around in Rio, in my opinion), you can get off at Botafogo station and take an integration bus there (line 513).

Alternatively, you can get a cab or an Uber, which will be cheap from this point.


App cars


Ubers and the like are more and more assimilated into Rio’s routine and making use of them can be very practical and economical.

You can get on and off using this service right in front of the entrance to the complex, without any problems.


Extra tips to enjoy Sugarloaf Mountain Complex


Although visibility from Sugarloaf Mountain is not as compromised on a cloudy day as it is at Christ the Redeemer’s statue, of course it’s better to visit it on a bright sunny day.

After all, it is an open place at the top of a huge mountain, so the better the weather conditions, the better the experience.


Sugarloaf Mountain Tourist Complex


The attraction is popular all day, but some hours are busier. The complex is open from 8:30 onwards, but people usually start coming massively between 10:30-11:00. In the afternoon, the movement is much greater. Especially around 3:00p.m.

In my opinion, the best moment to visit Sugarloaf Mountain is at the end of the day as you can  enjoy the sunset and the lights on the beachfront in Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to being able to have a happy hour in one of the cool bars along Mureta da Urca – the part of the neighbourhood where you can sip a drink while watching the coming and going of boats at the Guanabara Bay.

Regardless, the best time to visit Sugarloaf Mountain will be the one that meets your expectations and planning, as the Tourist Complex will always have a different experience to offer, whether for its gastronomy, its cool atmosphere or its iconic city views.


Sugarloaf Mountain Tourist Complex


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